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Drugs & sex have taken over my life & they can keep it.

No respect for any1 in my immediate life anymore

So really in my right now all i want is a bitch that actually gives a fuck about me n wants to spend time, some pussy thats gotta good head on her shoulders,easy to talk to,drama free,n down for me….not just down.

So ive been tryna get at these 2bitches(bestfriends) for a minute now n individually theyve both shot me down, yet when its us 3 they flirt w/me like crazy. So lastnight @like 10-11pmish, 1 of em calls me cryin n i hear her dood yellin in the background, so i got dressed(cuz i was chillin solo in my boxers) n ran my ass over there w/the quickness…just for her to crack the door n shut it on my face when i got there…so i was feelin like fuck that shit, i was alrdy feelin shitty cuz im withdrawalin then i fuckin ran over there. Do u know what it takes to get me to run?! Ive had guns pulled on me n didnt even run…so i was butthurt n just walked my ass back to my house to get woken up @ like 2am to my light bein turned on n its her standin there cryin n shit. So i gotta twin bed n i alrdy had mixed feelings for her after the shit she pulled earlier but i still offered her my bed to sleep in n id sleep on the floor,but she said no shed crash on the floor(never asked to sleep on the bed w/me,so i never offered) so i fell back asleep…then put up w/hrs of listening to her drama n shit, bein glued to her phone whenever i was talkin n her teasin me sexually from a distance, shakin her ass n shit. So around 3:30pmish shes talkin bout doin work(goin to sleep w/some fools for bills) n im like why u gotta hustle that, she responded “ur a hustle” n as much as i wanted to turn her ass up n beat that pussy to death,im not the kinda guy to fuck a bitch for money(whether shes alrdy paid for or not). So that made me instamtly lose interest in her cuz why would i wanna fuck sum1 thats only doin it for a check, sum1 that don wanna fuck me, but needs to for the money….that on top of the fact she showed absolutely no interest in me the whole day, i just stopped talkin to her n got glued to my phone. I felt betrayed, bummed, disappointed, etc. Even if the situation wasnt as fucked up as it was, shes never showed interest like that b4 so i wouldnt of tried anythin unless she sat on my lap or physically made the 1st move, n she never did, then has the fuckin nerve to call me gay b4 she left @5pmish….idk what kinda piece of shit u thought i was, that id take advantage of a homegirl that shows up at my pad cryin n talkin bout all this kinda drama…but fuck, ill gladly be gay today b4 i willingly take pussy that was bought 4 me. Sorry im 1 of the very few guys that r still half decent in the drug-world, n im sorry i cared more about u as a person than a place to stick my dick…i guess that makes me the asshole in this situation, dont it, stupid bitch….i cant believe i actually feel bad for doin the right thing.

To think i fuckin actually like u n u fucked up a good thing w/a guy that been chasin u for a minute. Yea ima be gettin locked up soon, but if thats ur reason for fuckin this up, good luck to u n peace the fuck out. The worst part about all of this, is obviously my dumbass still likes u, enough that just thinkin about u frustrated me enough to tell the tumblr community cuz i needed to get this shit off my chest n attempt to get it off my mind

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nutted but she still suckin

^hahahahahah fuckin right
McDonalds steps their game up

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From a Japanese CC commercial

Rina Takeda

Studying karate since she was ten, Rina is black belt in Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate.

ARE U FUCKIN SERIOUS? gettin headbutt by her would fuckin break ur face in half…