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You can call me the Don, Rastafari. Leo, for what its worth. 22y/o. Straight male. You can find me somewhere around Southern Cali. My blog is mostly drugs, sex, other shit i like n occassional somethin trippy or funny. if you dont like my blog, move the fuck on, im not makin u scroll down continuously.

I wonder who day dreams about fucking my brains out;



Oh hayy ;D

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Shower time;


Hahagah! It was about that time i realized that thiz girlscout was about 3stories tall n i said dann it monster! I aint give u god damned tree fiddy

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Just say ‘no’ to sobriety. (via littleblinkinglights) 85 notes // reblog

so guttehbuttah said she’d do it if i’d do it.

God damn! ;)


That’s right… All the way down

Sexi Barbie
#1 Rule For Drug Users:


If your friend asks you to come over and hang with them through a bad trip, you do.

no questions asked. Get there with a smile on ur face n keep an upbeat/outgoing attitude, even if ur feeling shitty urself

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